“Vasco’d’gamma, Vasco’d’gamma, Vasco’d’gamma, gamma, Prince Henuri!” Or, the beginning of a brand new blog!


WordPress suggests that I begin with “Hello World”.

So, “Hello world!”

Better still, “Hello again, world!”

From 2007 to 2014, I  maintained the blog “The World According to Gappah.”  I shut it down after I had written more than 160 000 words and realised that a) I could have written two novels with all those words and b) no one in the world needed to write, or read, that many words about essentially nothing.

Yet here I am again, on my own. I am starting a new blog. It is called VascoDaGappah, and is about one thing only. Travel. I love travel. Since I left Zim as a post-grad student at the age of 23, I have led a peripatetic life. I travel for work, to visit family, for pleasure and to publicise my books. In fact, my daily life is one of travel – I live in France and work in Switzerland. So every day, I cross an international border. Twice. I meet wacky and amazing people. I have great adventures. So that is what this new blog is about. Travel and Adventure.

Oh, and the title of this blog post? The words are from a skipping game I played as a child: our game starred Vasco da Gamma, Prince Henry the Navigator and Christopher Columbus. I know right? We were very clued up kids in the dusty townships of Salisbury, Rhodesia!

I wanted to be one of three things as a child, a ballerina, a vet and an explorer. I cannot dance to save an ant’s life. I could not bear to put an animal down. But exploring now. I have done it all my life. So this is it. My new blog. Welcome to VascoDaGappah.


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